Benefits Of Using Our Brochure Display Service

To our outlets - our brochure display hosts

  • First and foremost, you are supporting our local businesses and helping to sustain the tourism industry in our region
  • Potential to increase revenue by offering a tour booking & ticket sales service for guests.
  • Our clients include all of the regions’ major tourism businesses as well as a diverse range of smaller niche businesses, ensuring our stands are stocked with a wide range of options for guests
  • Our display stands are professionally manufactured to compliment the décor of the location. We will consult with you to determine the style of display to best suit your premises
  • Our stands are serviced regularly by friendly, knowledgeable personnel. They will “go the extra mile” to help you ensure your guests have a memorable Sunshine Coast experience
  • Regular servicing ensures our stands contain information which is current. We work very closely with our clients to ensure information provided is correct
  • While servicing we will say “g’day” and keep you up to date with the content of the brochure stand. We will let you know what’s new, any price changes, special offers etc.
  • Our stands will provide more than enough entertainment options to keep guests busy and happy - happy guests are likely to return!!
  • Guests may extend their stay to experience more of the entertainment options on display in our stands. Feedback we receive suggests this is often the case.
  • Our display stands, and all of the above listed benefits, are provided free of charge to locations offering a high visibility display position for our clients
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